Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quilts and Cats and Gifts from True Friends

Dear friends,

I was stunned a few days ago when our mail-gal drove up with a package for me from a dear friend who lives in north Texas--Debbie Burns, of Beulah Land Farmstead, who blogs as Farmer Woman.  When I opened it, I almost fell over. 

Look what she made and sent us for a housewarming gift!

Handmade wall-quilt, made by Debbie Burns

It's a little wall quilt she made using reproduction 1930's fabrics.  Now, HOW PERFECT is that, for the 1930's Two Sisters Cottage?  Couldn't be MORE perfect, if you ask me.  She explained that the appliques on the quilt are also symbolic.  There's the cat (no mystery there--LOL), the birdhouse represents our love for birds, and the two cardinals are the Two Sisters, former owners of the house.   We have a huge cardinal population here, and the property was decorated by numerous plastic and wooden cardinals when we bought it.  I love the way Debbie positioned the fabric so the pattern looks like cat eyes and nose!

The little butterflies are buttons, the cat has a heart button, and there are three little flower buttons on the bottom of the birdhouse base.

I absolutely LOVE these fabrics, and always have.  As a matter of fact, I own a quilt made by my great-grandmother that features original 1930's fabrics.  Look how perfect these are together!

New wall quilt with antique 1930 quilt

Of course, within a few minutes of taking the quilt out and placing it on the back of a chair, a cat appeared.  Luckily, it was Blanca the Perfect.  She assured me she would not touch the quilt, but only admired it from a distance.  And Blanca never lies.

Quilts attract cats, especially Blanca
Although Debbie told me I should hang the quilt outside as a banner, I told her that I would NOT do that.  It's going to be hung in the entry way, which is also my office.  I have a spot on the wall picked out especially for it--a place of honor, hanging above an antique oak chest that Rudy and I salvaged and refinished.  Against the blue wall in here, the colors in that quilt will POP!

Of course, there's a process that has to happen before I can hang it up.  First, I have to de-junk the top of the chest.  Then I have to find a dowel for hanging.  Then I have to find a nail.  LOL!  I assure you that I will have this hung up  pronto, and will post more pics then.

You can see a bit of the blue wall behind the chair.  This quilt will look perfect hanging up in here!

Oh, and by the way---I've never even met Debbie in person.  She's one of my dear friends on the Texas Homestead list that I've been moderating for years now (how I got that job is a story in itself).  We've talked online almost every day, though, and know each other pretty well.  She says I keep her sane, but the opposite is true.  She's always there with a supportive and inspirational message for us all, as well as tons of gardening and critter advice.  She's a special person, and I count her as one of the blessings of my life.

Thank you again, Debbie, for this amazing gift.  I'll cherish it always.

Oh, and readers, go check out Debbie's blog.  It's full of Texas homestead goodness!

Happy trails!

bobbi c.