Sunday, December 4, 2011

Houston---We have lift-off!

Well, not exactly as exciting as a space launch, but getting hot water into the kitchen here at the Two Sisters Cottage is big big news indeed! For months we've had to resort to freezing water from the faucet outside or the little sink in the cottage to wash our hands, clean paint brushes and general washing up. This morning we had running water in the house for the first time in over five months. And after we fired up the new Titan electric tankless water heater, we had HOT water in about 2.5 seconds. Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

Here's the Husband, clowning around:

Oh, yes, you'll also notice that we now have countertops---another "luxury" that I've been waiting for. After a lot of indecision and pondering, we decided to go with some simple pine planks we sealed with a clear Minwax Polyurethane. New wood is so light compared to the old antique wood, but after the finish, it was very similar to the antique pine floors in the living room, right next door. Yay.

In general, I shy away from non-water based products, but in this case, with all the splashing that goes on around a sink, it was necessary. We NEVER place food directly on our countertops, we don't cut on them, etc. so I'm not worried about any issues with toxicity. Application went on with lots of ventilation, fans, air cleaners, open windows, etc.

We found that a drop cloth underneath old appliance boxes and plastic buckets can be turned into an impromptu painting area (in our living room).

Here's the original dry fit to make sure they're the right size.

Here, we used the blue painter's tape to mark where the hole for the sink was to be cut. Rudy measured MANY times before cutting.

First, he drilled, then he cut. Carefully.

The new sink and faucet were set in, and we held our breath. They fit!

The sink is a small one I found on clearance for $37. I've had huge stainless sinks, and huge cast iron sinks. This time, I decided that I liked the simple one-hole variety better than the others. With a high-neck faucet (great for filling pasta pots), you don't need a sink that's deep enough to float a cruise ship in. The faucet was also on clearance at a greatly reduced price.

While waiting for the finish to dry, Rudy got busy doing some little odds and ends. Like adding the quarter round trim in the dining room. Other than some paint touch-up high on the walls, I declare the dining room finished! (Well, other than the windows, and curtains, and.....LOL)

The kitchen is almost finished. We still have to install the reddish-amber mosaic glass tile I found for the backsplash, put on a few doors, sand the old drawers so they'll slide, trim out the window--and I'm sure a hundred other little details--before it's 100% finished. But that's OK; we'll get there.

I love the little whatnot shelf at the end of the kitchen facing the dining room. It's one of the original features of the house that charmed me. After giving it another coat or two of paint, it was ready for some decorative doo-dads and cookbooks.

And here's an overview of the kitchen, looking in through the dining room. A bit messy, still.

Oh, and remember the pantry? Other than shelves, it's also DONE.

Other work today included installing a pair of wire mesh sliding drawers so I don't have to crawl inside the cabinets to retrieve pots and lids, installing the range side countertops and leveling the range, painting drawer fronts and more.

It's cold here, and raining, so we're taking a few days off of the heavy labor and re-grouping and pondering---what's next? To the bathroom!

Happy trails,

bobbi c.


  1. I love watching your home come together. What a treasure you have in Rudy. I always had to be the handiman in the home.

  2. Thanks, Pat! Yes, he's a treasure, and luckily, he enjoys *most* of the work he's doing now. I'm fairly handy, but not like he is.

  3. Bobbi this is looking so gorgeous! I am a-mazed at the Bobbi/Rudy team output!! I can't wait to see the rest!

  4. Thanks, Jude! We do make a good team, don't we? :-)


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