Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I do love me some pine...

Yay, my suspicions were confirmed yesterday when I broke through the wallboard in the former dining room/future living room and found antique pine boards. I'm still not sure if it's long-leaf pine, but I imagine it is. Some of the boards still have strings hanging from them, clues that they were once covered with muslin, then wallpaper.

This section of wall will be cut out, and the original french doors that are now between the living room and dining room will be moved to serve as an entrance into the future kitchen. That means that some of this gorgeous pine will be removed carefully to use in other parts of the house. The word "demo" (as in demolition) is NOT in our vocabulary.

In other parts of the house, I plan to remove the wallboard, seal up the gaps between the boards with caulk, and paint them or seal them as is...maybe in the laundry room, or bathroom.

And speaking of pine, look at those gorgeous floors which will be in our bedroom and in the living room. I'm hoping that more of the wide-board pine lurks underneath the old vinyl that covers the rest of the floors.

Did I say I love pine? :-)

Happy trails,

bobbi c.

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