Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome to my Two Sisters Cottage!

Dear friends,

Welcome to my new blog documenting the journey I've taken over the years to find our (forever?)home. This journey has finally lead us to purchase a 1930s farmhouse style cottage (or box bungalow) in Taylor, Texas. We've just started to clean and "destinkify" the house from it's 81+ years of sheltering two families, and the exuberant use of chemicals and fragrances by former occupants. Let's just say I should buy stock in baking soda and vinegar right now. :-) In general, the house is in great shape, but needs those "luxuries" we require in 2011 like air conditioning, plumbing for showers, electrical circuits for power tools, etc.

The house came with some interesting benefits...there's a garage with attached lean-to greenhouse and "casita" out back, and what I'm sure is the longest clothesline in the State of Texas. There are numerous great old pecan trees which cast the most lovely shade, there's an old water well which I hope is still active, and there is a large flock of resident mockingbirds who are not so happy that I've moved in. There is already a large garden here filled with heirloom daylilies, antique roses, Texas natives and wildflowers, boxwood hedges and more. Oh yes, and lots of snails and fire ants. Nothing's perfect, right?

This project will be a long process. I've already moved a chair and shelves into my "writer's nook" which originally was the front parlor, as far as I can tell. The
9 x 13' room also serves as the foyer by the front entry, and is sunny and has a great view of the front porch, side and front streets. It's a great spot for sitting in front of the fan and contemplating the traffic as it goes by, the train whistle in the distance, or the neighbors as they come out onto their porches, look around, whip out their cell phones, or just catch a bit of breeze.

Join me on my journey as I spin tales from Taylor, Texas...

Happy trails!

bobbi c.


  1. Bobbi, I'm so excited to have found your blog, that you have found your dream home, and that I get to follow your progress from the get-go! I used to dream about renovating an old place, but finally had to face facts: we just aren't all that handy with tools! Guess I'll have to get my kicks vicariously.

  2. Hey Miss Becky! Thanks for the comments and the kind words. Thank goodness we are handy with tools or we could never finish something like this. I tell everyone this is NOT the house I was looking for, but it charmed me. LOL.

  3. Bobbie, I love your charming cottage-y looking house! Have fun, the house is lucky to such appreciative and talented owners to cherrish it! Old things are simply better built than most new, plus along with history and attention to details... it has so much more character! :)

  4. Thanks so much! It's been a LOT of work--more than we ever thought--but there are always surprises after you start crawling under these old houses. It's been a dream of mine since I was in my 20's to fix up an old house. I just had to wait a while to do it. LOL.


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