Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Big big progress!

I've been a bit lax about posting photos. First of all, I had a major fall in the garage here and although I'm OK, I've been taking it easy with the climbing the ladder, painting and scraping thing. Rule One -- If a stray bird gets into a very crowded workshop garage, just leave it there! Stupid bird made me fall. But I digress.

Husband's been very busy working on the shower. Since the original planks were in the walls, and were very wavy, we had to put in a layer of backerboard over wooden cleats to level them. Over that went the field tile, then the mosaics, then more field tile, and then the trim. Note to Self -- Next time, do all the field tile THEN put in the mosaic bits.

Here's the new posh Jacuzzi toilet which I hope will cut down on the time it takes to clean. No more cleaning of that "wormy thingy at the bottom." Rudy is SO good to me! LOL. My friend Gloria wonders if pioneer women were as excited when they got a new three-seater in the outhouse. Probably! :-)

Here's the medicine cabinet that has a nifty hidden electrical outlet in the bottom behind the doors (customized by us) so we have a place to hide away the electric toothbrush, R's shaver, etc. The plan is to paint the frame of the mirror brown. The sink is a high-end Kohler that I found on clearance at Lowe's. Score!!

And here's the shower with the finished tile (not grouted yet) -- left-hand side:

And right-hand side:

The friendly fellow from locally-owned Floyd's Glass came out today to measure for the shower doors. Those should be installed in about a week. Yay!

And, I'd like to introduce my pet squirrel, which I have fondly named "Basil" -- as in the British pronunciation (baa-zill). He's quite the character, and has been trained to only eat from his little dish. AHAHAHAHAHA! Liar liar pants on fire. Oh well, maybe with a little coaxing, I can keep him out of the birdfeeder. As if.

More later!

Happy trails from Texas!

bobbi c.


  1. The shower is looking great, Bobbi. It is going to be a beautiful spa by time you two are finished. :)

  2. Hey Wendy! Thanks! It's been a lot of "blood sweat & tears" -- literally, but we're getting there. Wish I had room for a whirlpool tub in there. :-)

    Your writing blog looks great so far! Keep it up, and good luck with your novel. That's SO exciting!


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