Sunday, January 29, 2012

We thought it was a good idea... save the antique french doors that were original to our 1930 cottage. Originally, they lead from the very large dining room to the front room, which was used as the living room. We got the bright idea to turn the large dining room into our living room, open up the wall between the two, move the french doors to that wall.

Easy, right? Not so much.

After months of cutting holes in walls, reframing them, patching, wallboarding, texturing, floating, sanding, painting, etc. we were finally able to get the doors back in today. After Rudy found the hinge pins, that is. :-)

The thing is, those doors were custom made for the original opening. Nothing in that house is plumb, square or true, and neither was that door opening. When we bought the house, the doors would shut, but barely. And of course, houses like that one shift when there's rain, or a bit of wind, or a bit of sun. LOL

Anyway, we have a bit of "tweaking" to do, which probably will mean that the hinges will have to be removed, shimmed, moved again, holes filled, doors repainted, etc. Hopefully, then the doors will shut. We shall see.

Happy trails!

bobbi c.

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